hianhwee, tracy LIM (hianhwee) wrote,
hianhwee, tracy LIM

Woes after War

The famous picture - The Girl in the Picture

I am ashamed that I didnt know about the famous "The Girl In The Picture" photo and the story happening during the VietCong's time. This book is different from those that I read. most authors tell their stories historigraphically.

This is more a biographical, it centred around the heroine who survived the checimal attack and how she pulls through her life. It pained to learn that the years that most of us growing up comfortably and saftely (from 70-80s), others are coping with various episodes of drama on life & death.

We may not know how painful the pain that those who suffered. However we can help. Most of my friends celebrate their birthdays these days by asking a donation which they help to double the donations and send to those less fortunate ones. I have also started during this 3 years ago by participating "Hair for Hope" (HfH) orgnaised by Children Cancer Foundation. If you are interested to read the review of this book, you can click here.
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