hianhwee, tracy LIM (hianhwee) wrote,
hianhwee, tracy LIM

closer to nature

the temptation of sticky bun has brought me to explore botanic gardens which i have not step in at least 10 years ago.  today, it is a new discovery and i took quite a fair amount of pictures using my iPhone 4S.

purple love
purple love - one of my favourite shot.

blue skies
the blue sky 

the flower basking in the sunlight
the flower basking in the sunlight

can you spot the fishes
can you spot the fishes?

lovey ducklings
lovey ducklings

Eyes in the skies
Eyes in the skies

Oranges or Berries
Oranges or Berries?

Sunset, another of my favourite shot.

i just want to go back there with my proper camera gears to take some more photos. 

Tags: nature, photography, plants

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