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i was treated with a surprise on Halloween Day when one of my BFF left the company.  i learnt this from the social media instead of from her.  I send a message to find out more. 

i must say that i didn't communicated with her since the time my mom stood up her mom for a Monday dinner appointment. my mom forgot all about it and my BFF sent me some nasty SMSes which i didn't like the tone of it.  yes, my mom was in the wrong but given that she has just discharged from hospital due to her episode of stroke in May,  i expected that all of us are more understanding.  i gathered my mom has "reconciled" with her mom and my BFF but our friendship has turned "superficial".

i guessed that this will go on a while. that's life, a friendship that was more than 20 years will have to wait a while to get around. 

Tags: happyfamily

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